Somehow Somewhat the Better

Posted: February 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

I have a vivid imagination I can see myself feeling in spectacular ways
envision lurid scenarios of angst and melodrama
somehow I never see myself as a hero
overcoming odds smashing obstacles saving the vulnerable
I identify as the villain of the piece.

But I could never bring myself to do real harm
I’m a failure as a menace which makes me a fool
the hapless juggler balanced between crime and heroics
I juggle good and evil laughing and crying without cease
if I take a breath and clear my head I might speak truth to power.

I will be showered with neither gratitude nor praise
a fool who fails to amuse has no place at court
retired consigned banished to my private chambers
I am left to compose philosophical treatises on the comedy of life
still laughing still crying still breathing and somehow somewhat better for it.

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