Shadow of a Dead Man

Posted: January 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

The pest control guy tells me he sees the shadow of a dead man in my hallway
Asks the age of my house it’s very old I tell him built in 1910
I tell him I myself have seen no phantoms nor apparitions but I believe
As a scarred survivor of Mexican drug gangs perhaps he sees more than most

Perhaps he himself is a ghost for while the pests remain he has not returned

Or perhaps he simply inhaled too many fumes an occupational hazard no doubt
I asked him his sign said he was a Leo bestowed a radiant smile as proof
Not what I was expecting so much fire and light and a disposition to hold fast
I think a ghost is more apt to reveal himself to bearers of air and water

  1. Jus plain delightful is the cake!


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