Stand Your Ground

Posted: November 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

We shoot people in theaters we shoot people in malls we shoot people in convenience stores we shoot children in their classrooms and preachers at their pulpits we eat red meat are overfed and under educated we demand respect when common courtesy is our due we pull no punches pull our metal manhood instead take pride in our own demand our rights that bill was paid two centuries ago we’re living large on the interest the scent of cordite is rooted in our DNA we will keep our guns and tolerate our casualties we know sacrifice is called for we offer up acceptable losses willingly a jury of our kind will acquit us we have a right to defend our pickup trucks from harm we marshal our forces a militia of manifest destiny we assert our territorial imperative and our individual rights form lynch mobs of one we fear losing more than we fear death we do not hear you defend yourself by talking the only language we speak is fightin’ words.

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