The Obvious Thing

Posted: November 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

She always says the obvious thing
it makes her seem somehow less interesting less threatening
it makes her predictable
nothing undermines the intrigue of romance like predictability
ultimately she is controllable
in the thermodynamics of human interaction she generates low heat.

He burns hot needs richer fuel regards her failure of refinement as a flaw
the imperfection eats at him keeps him wary and distant
he dispassionately considers her from afar
he is cursed with an analytical temperament he objectifies reflexively
it’s purely defensive in nature
and he is the first casualty of the damage he inflicts.

He keeps his head down makes no changes prolongs the status quo
by inaction he ratchets up the tension
the isolation is infectious he thinks he should try harder
but his injuries neutralize him pain makes him reticent
ultimately it’s an inexcusable condition
she cannot understand.

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, I don’t know which character I more identify with……. a little scary, and a little funny.


    • poet13 says:

      They’re both flawed, but aren’t we all? Their specific problem is an inability to overcome their flaws and communicate their feelings to one another. And can’t we all relate. Thanks.


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