coaxial coexistence

Posted: November 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

inattentive interlocution scrambled syntax fragmented text
broken words chiseled upon the surface of sandstone
curious cuneiform digital remnants of a vanished civilization

there is no light without electricity cathode rays light our days
we press ephemeral images into air quickened with our minds
eternity is a kiss away Armageddon at the flip of a switch

we’ve seen it all before gazed laser-like into crystal balls
even had them implanted like artificial third eyes
technology gets the job done when wishing won’t make it so

we all had good intentions we every one wrote our own script
pretended life was reality TV coexisted with the coaxial cables
the relationship was symbiotic everyone got something out of it

               even those who only watched
               altogether it was a magnificent performance
               the heavens applauded

  1. powerful, yes, also inspiring


  2. makes me appreciate my insignificance


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