Indian Summer Blues

Posted: October 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

The fog rolls in like manifest civic amnesia shrouding awareness
lulling the populace into a drowsy state of compliance.

Gives rise to Indian summer blues
the sun seems preoccupied.

Fumes from made-in-China shower curtain infiltrate the house
who knows what they put in them I think they’re trying to poison us.

We languish China thrives
another example of objective history.

It’s only summer winding down a hint of early frost coming
we hold on to the heat are sad to see it go.

This is how we make melancholy music
the cycles are beyond us and the world is too big.

  1. stephanie says:

    global embalming


  2. Especially lush. Me like.


  3. precocious winter jazz


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