Trusting Heart

Posted: October 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s just a little sweat it won’t kill you try telling it to a germaphobe
They can’t hear you their natural order of things distorted through fear
There are reasons to be afraid seen and unseen distant and under your skin
Sooner or later you’ll succumb to something something is inevitable
There’s always a catch in the fine print spelled out in mitochondrial DNA

Look how much of ourselves we exchange we call it sharing even the taking
It’s a merger a combining of systems learning new consequences
We long to touch one way or another intended or not it poses risks
We are givers and we are takers after a while we develop immunities
The trusting heart depends on the body’s involuntary will to verify

  1. stephanie says:

    “It’s a merger a combining of systems learning new consequences”
    people seem more in contact by coincidence than cohesion.


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