No Guilt

Posted: August 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

I stumbled into a secret room inside my head
I did not know myself there

I had given myself permission to forget
It was a license to enjoy

I absolved myself of responsibility
Gave myself over to atavistic impulses

I became a pagan intent on doing no harm
Jubilant and licentious and free from sanity

Moses hurled burning tablets of stone down upon my garlanded head
Smote me with the Lord’s own commandments


I have transgressed these laws yet I am innocent
Moses lost something in the translation from light to brimstone

I bypassed stone cold interpretations
Deciphered the source codex at the nuclear core of my being

At the hot beating center of the breathing universe
I found no judgment

Only the pure experience of pure sensation
No need to question if this is wrong

It’s wrong only if I choose to remain here
No harm in visiting now and then


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