trust what you know

Posted: July 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

the restless mind probes
searching for the next shiny thing
a reason festooned in finery
an idol posing as motivation
hunger is a trap we all live life cold turkey
the symptoms of withdrawal are a circus of pleasure and pain

duty and deception nobility and folly
senses muted the sighted stumble
nothing makes sense without touch and taste
yet there’s common sense in abstinence
an exit to greater awareness
          trust what you know intuitively

  1. especially juicy… circus of pleasure and pain

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  2. I am coming to realize i would like to hear you reading some of these fine poems

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    • poet13 says:

      Very kind thank you. Could use a little voice training in public speaking first I think – and some psychoanalysis to get over my stage fright.


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