Posted: June 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

She isolates herself from voices
protects herself from the intrusive palpability of human sound
it’s a rough and unwelcome hand stroking her mind
a rude caress a crude stimulus demanding response
a question that requires an answer
her inner ear the tiny bones the ligaments and hairs react in a chorus of submission.

You can’t talk to me that way you can’t talk to me any way your speech is a violation
your voice is a seducer its vibrations betray your motives
you think it a song it’s a cry for attention it’s a demand my body is helpless to refuse
certain parts rush to the fore it’s their job it’s their purpose they are helpless
but I am more than the sum of my parts I resist your seductive call
I refute the possibility of hearing.

Avoidance of understanding is the result
but it is not her intention her methods are purely defensive
her body is electric she can alternate the current
she flicks switches on a control panel inside her head
can even disconnect completely from the source
some call it civil treason she cannot understand their reasoning she won’t hear it.

  1. Incredible wonderful (i get it)


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