Posted: May 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

we are trapped in a matrix of desire

the beast feels the need to feed

a tiger knows no renunciation

the eagle is unrepentant


the plainclothes angels who walk among us

mean to capture our attention divert our gaze

to give us a glimpse of some higher form

a glimmer of spiritual evolution


they wield blinding light that animals fear

they would probe us with god

we submit or we languish

but first we roar in anger and in terror


we do not understand what we are becoming

  1. stepha says:

    on a good day my response would be hopeful. today I fear we are becoming computers.


  2. Trenton Bailey says:

    The world could use a few more of those plain clothes angels. Great work sir.


  3. hj says:

    down side of being up


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