leaning out

Posted: March 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

time dies when you are having none
amid the agitation a kind of exhaustion
a peaceful repose leaning out

there’s a lot happening
some of it happened to me
some of it i caused to happen to others

now it all rushes over me
a big wind of white noise
scattering sirens shrieks shouts and sighs

a temporary shelter against a permanent storm
my mood glued with equal parts wisdom and resignation
as states of mind go i’ll take it

                                                          for now

  1. stepha says:

    is this about being in relentless traffic due to a highway failure? (such a wonderful metaphor for all of us.)
    sorry, had to say it!
    the poem is clear and strong and I enjoy the comment of as states of mind go……..


  2. There’s an energy to this piece…. love this line: scattering sirens shrieks shouts and sighs


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