Interesting Times

Posted: January 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Every era shapes the danger it requires
the times call forth the monsters the times call for
we muster the courage we need to fight them.

We react we adapt to whatever confronts us
if we have no say how did we speak the words to summon this spirit
did we cast this spell upon ourselves?

Surely we know what’s behind the veil we drew over our own vision
these interesting times are how we try to awaken ourselves
when the magician stops dreaming the illusion will be revealed.

  1. Jonathan Sapp says:

    I know exactly who and what you’re talking about….


  2. nice Big Picture view , grazi.


  3. stepha says:

    ok, this is beautiful actually bright, shiny, different in color, (not depth) from your other poems.


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