flat line

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

i want to ascribe a number to how i feel
dial it up whenever i’m blue
don’t want to think about feelings

don’t want to feel what i’m thinking
i want to run on automatic
a flat line lacks interest but it is predictable

you can see where it is going
no peaks no valleys to trip you up
no complex geography to drop out from under you

from a long climb there is far to fall
my body is worn and fragile
so i try to reason my way through

i’m not bloodless just bled out
i look to plans and other material solutions to save me
the systems i create are designed to relieve only my pain

any collateral damage inflicted is surely unintended
catastrophic failure is always a possibility whenever
we depend on the mechanisms we ourselves devise

  1. Bob Burkhardt says:

    we do indeed depend on those mechanisms…


  2. Joey Potter says:

    This poem captures my mood today. “…the systems i create are designed to relieve only my pain…” Alcohol and drugs were the systems that I designed to relieve my pain…for years. Now sober for many years, I use my art to exorcise the pain. Another grin for you :]


  3. stepha says:

    ok, is this mature wizened coping with a dysfunctional thorny world or should we be concerned?


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