In My Dreams

Posted: December 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

The only true intimacy I experience is in my dreams

Urgent caresses with the perfect person

Disappointed I wake to the stillness of an empty room

Muttering life is sometimes better in dreams

The sleep of reason reason enough to sleep

To wake rested and restored for what I am ready for


              Nothing new presents itself


Love remains hidden in the long shadows cast by a sinking sun

At night phantom lovers creep forth benign and unknowable

But in the softness of sleep their intent is clear

They are here for me they have come unbidden

That we may pass the hours of solitude in one another’s arms

Until they abandon me and I awaken restored and sorrowful

  1. Bob Burkhardt says:

    restored and sorrowful… very nice


  2. poet13 says:

    Better to have dreamed, and awakened, than never to have dreamed at all.


  3. Bill Whipple says:

    Yes I sometimes am in that same place with myself. But I guess I am still glad to awake each and everyday and have new experiences of life. Some things are just not meant to be and we must come to that realization for our own sanity…so on we go into the unknown but we can still dream and be glad for that…


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