darkness into right

Posted: October 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

i am a genetic uprising against the status quo
i am the monster in your midst
i conceal myself in order to survive

if you see me as i really am you will recoil
or react with unquestioned motivation
do what’s right for the betterment of all

call on your doubtless faith for god’s sake
innocent or not i will burn
consigned to flames by majority rule

i have no words to explain only howls of frustration
my pyre lights your town square turning darkness into right
the scarlet horizon affirming a foul thing’s sacrificial gesture

  1. poet13 says:

    We rock on! Thanks so much for your comment.


  2. stepha says:

    the poem Resentment would make a great song, sorta laid back but solid rhythm, this on the other hand is Rock


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