Back to the Crazy

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Crazy settles around you like mist seeping into the landscape
You are what has eaten you you are a native of this land
You know this after your mother’s third suicide attempt

My courage crushed my eyes wide open this is how it is
Welcome home you were born here this is your learning
You think these lessons in sadness and hurt and anger

But it all exists on a foundation of benign neglect

Angelic love speaks to children in the language of life
It is the means through which they attempt to apprehend
The message is garbled and the meaning is lost for a time

So we come back to the crazy our tarnished touchstone
We draw a kind of strength from the familiar pain
We find no comfort in confirming our understanding

  1. says:

    So potent…thank you.

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