the first scars

Posted: March 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

so needy so greedy such a dirty old man
the first scars are the deepest heal slowly over time or not
each one a message carved into the canvas of flesh
a visceral knot fused tight        character remains unbound

less skin more spirit gives with the wind or is broken like a storm-split oak
like the pillars of time the mighty columns of the Sun King’s temple yet un-toppled
the rest – willowy memory – yields carried along for the ride
it slows us down         we sometimes find a way


  1. Joey Potter says:

    Wonderful…first scars mean that you tried…build character, I guess.


  2. okay, it’s been a few minutes, hours, years


  3. Av says:

    This speaks to me in such powerful ways. Thank you.

    …a storm split (raped at 8) oak

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