Roiling Minds

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

The less i have to do the less i am capable of doing

the roiling mind will not still thoughts schemes desires regrets

from the quotidian to the exalted the tawdry to the profound

useless confusion of wasted intelligence energy misfiring

the planet buzzes with static the magnetic core keeps things humming

our brains light up like the starlit heavens

we brighten the emptiness with awareness

we have five senses to take it all in.


The future is unknown the present is up for grabs

make of it what you will though the past intrude

memories sweep over my defenses wrench tears from my eyes

insidious nostalgia strangles my vitality

sweet sentiment the deadliest poison

turn the clocks back but you can’t stop time

only smash the instruments that take its measure  

a broken heart can always mark the passing hours.



  1. painful callouses seal off pain


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