hard to let go

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

hard to let go when there is so much in your head and heart
a lifetime at this point empty boxes you’ve stacked
dried roses you clutch petals pressed between parched pages
the words long since faded leaving ghostly impressions
an indecipherable story no one will ever read

step back expand your perspective and a simple truth reveals itself
the rooms their furnishings and their adornments comprise a matrix
the doors locked tight were always open

i have stepped outside for air but i always return to the inside
drawn by comfort and familiarity the dust and the memories
my constant companions my comfy cozy consorts
houseguests that became pretty family orchids
they hardly ever bloomed and they had no fragrance

  1. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Especially nice Jack… brought tears to my eyes… less about the words than some I’ve read and more about the heart


  2. Sheryl Moore says:

    Lovely Birthday Ode.


  3. robindavis says:

    Powerful and beyond – truth and beauty and sadness and so many visuals like a film in my mind.


  4. a Vulcan sigh to relieve star shadows, stir crazy dawn


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