Karma Cavalcade

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s a non-stop world life lived on overtime.

People on the move got things to prove.

Got no time to fill the empty spaces between us.


Hearts under attack war of nerves brain fever.


The kind of world we live in makes the people we become.

The places we inhabit bear the scars of who we are.

We take what we need and we are lost in thoughtlessness.


When no one understands

                                         a billion suffer silently.


We are the great disturbance in the force.

Our planetary shriek undulates across space

a tidal wave of agony washing away the stars themselves

an unheard subsonic distress call an echo fading into endless emptiness.


If we do not hear each other we are not here.

If we do not heed each other we are nothing.

If we do not touch each other we are alone.


We must be god if there is to be god.

And as god we must save ourselves.


And if we be a merciful god we must bless each other.

And if we be a jealous god we must bind each other.

And if we be a vengeful god we must smite each other.


There can be no other god but ourselves.


We are that we are what we are.

We are the Mighty Karma Cavalcade marching to our drum beating hearts.

  1. piece for peace, it keeps me tuned in


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