Zen Highway

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

The further you go the more there is to look back on

so much psychic scenery a map of your own making

a topographical record of the journey

across landscape you shape from the clay you inhabit.


So solemn so often so many so longs will do that

make you less fun to be around on the merry-go-round

in the big amusement park another roadside attraction

you create to delight and distract the general public.


On you go so much more to see you can’t do it all but you can try

as you go by that way you’ll remember you’ve been somewhere

each stop along the way just another day

portions of time served up as memory.


Snapshots of people and places you’ve seen and felt

touching to be touched they can’t know you if they can’t see you

you learn that much on the trip learn it’s a far cry from a long way

and when you get this close there’s always an off ramp.


All roads lead to home no matter how far you roam

it’s like you end up where you began to realize

you had to get out in the first place so maybe where you started

determines how far you can go and what you become.


The only way out is the door you came in through

after you arrive via the maternal passageway by which we all embark

home is the first tribe we join its rites and myths inhabit a far shore

the limits we set as our own personal event horizon.


Once you leave the village lose yourself in the jungle

you come to know and fear (because you cannot unmake) nature

it’s out of your control like the voice of another like god speaking to you on the radio

broadcasting on every channel


the air waves become a river sweeping you along.

  1. may i be…come again?


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