they come in dreams

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

                                             they come in dreams 

                     agents from the past assigned to subvert my mission

                                     disguised as contractors

                            they seek to wallpaper over the new edition


                              i engage them successfully

          until the ceiling itself begins to bulge under the weight

     of insecurities raining on the roof seeping from the attic

                                              pressing down

          i push back against the swelling threat which      

                                                 sloshes away then reemerges  

                                                            someplace else


                                 memories keep me dancing

                 test and urge me into awkward contortions

                                        beyond my skill level and range of flexibility


                              this is a clear indication 

                        this is a sign


               i tell both my dead parents that in view of the deteriorating situation

                     we must work on the infrastructure before we deck the halls



  1. Anonymous says:

    construction and psychology, what a creation.


  2. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Having just awakened from a dream I realize you’ve captured the mixture of dreams and reality perfectly. Memories do keep us dancing.

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  3. building code earns the respect of dead parents, permits are in order, promise me this


  4. says:

    Wonderful, Jack…and thanks! We should spend a few hours sometime reading poetry…one of my passions… yet unlike you, I’m not a poet…just a lover of them.


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