nature is cruel

Posted: May 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

in my senescence in a time of true lies and other falsehoods

when time itself is a slave to olfaction


the scent of this well-ripened tableau perfumes my life

with the bittersweet fragrance of decay and remembrance


gone are the days we worshipped at the plastic altar of universal monsters

erected across a pale plane supporting infinite miniature diorama

a worldwide village ancient and ever in redevelopment 


with no warning beyond premonition obliteration unfolds in thermal shocks

and tissue vaporization and shattered bones and boiling brains exploding


this is not our fault this is clear evidence of nature’s cruelty

the celestial mechanics of a merciless deity


our bombs replicate these geologic forces and random phenomena

our genius is an ability to re-think the mind of god


we know release only through the kind embrace of instant extinction

when at last we are buried under airy stones from heaven

pummeled into harmless dust


we become unrecorded history compressed into the bedrock strata

of another desolate plateau beneath a beautiful and indifferent sky

fossil evidence of life’s dumb persistence 



  1. no peer in sanity


  2. robindavis says:

    This is so good. Great words and rhythms. I am going to read it again now for the third time.


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