The Smoking Buddha of Two Frog Pond

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Beneath the Chinese cherry tree on a cement bench still warmed by rain

I sit eyeing two frogs poking slick snouts above the surface at each end of

the small crescent shaped pond


dimples on a smile.


I assume the lotus posture touching thumbs to fingertips forming a circle

Knowledge Hand Gesture signifier of the Individual Soul’s connection with

the Supreme Soul


a lighted cigar in my left hand.


White smoke catches late afternoon light

a storm washed sky of platinum and silver

shimmering aerial phosphorescence tinged with violet and purple


bathed in the glow of healing rays.


I realize and resolve to still the inner storm to tame the turbulence

within the calm I can see at rest I can be

here now:

this much I know:


A cigar makes a reasonably effective personal anti-mosquito device

but you must keep puffing because when the smoke clears

tiny flying carnivores zoom in to suck the life from your tranquility


and there it is: us against (our) nature.


See! Behold!


I am The Smoking Buddha of Two Frog Pond

casual deity of my own creation Mighty Morphing Pan Lord of New Eden

afire with inspiration unilaterally re-inventing religion


new and ancient thoughts tumble from my head into the sky.


Intricate black strands of coalescing hydrogen molecules

finely etched chains of disintegrating atomic structures

un-entwining geometric constructs drifting up and away

sucked toward the setting sun


in the golden radiance of their fading a kind of clarity.


The signs are everywhere if you see them

signifiers or reflections of personal space and time

a lifetime totality logically organized like numbers on a clock face


take a look it’s all there check the time it’s never too late.

  1. turns me to putty, every time
    i inhale the vibes


  2. Sheryl Marshal Moore says:

    I can see you now


  3. umadesmond says:

    Samsara >


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