for Jan, a part of me

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

we have merged


essence, yours and mine, commingles

we flow inexorably toward our evolutionary epitomes


we have become us

 the crowns of our creation

 joys to the world


I am a piece of everything and everyone I’ve ever known


I am a pastiche

 an assemblage

 an abstract cubist impression of reality depicted as an ever-changing work in progress

with no end in sight


my hues    my textures     my color     my shapes

have been formed by many hands

some tender some tough

all have left their imprint


Am I me or am I you?

Am I us or are we me?


I am the shape of things to come

 the residue of what’s left

 the substance of things felt

a memory framed within wishful thinking and abject resignation


I hang in the gallery of mankind

a minor work

on temporary exhibit far down a hallway off a corridor in a neglected wing


let traffic pass me by

 let a crowd gather and gape

appraise and critique

shrug off or condemn


the thing that I am is what it is

take it or leave it


reality is the space between us

 the rest is real too


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. Who is Jan? Lucky woman.


    • poet13 says:

      Thank you. An old friend who lost her battle with breast cancer around 2002, which is when i wrote this. I’m trying to bring my Twitter posts up to date – tweeting a backlog of older poems from this site at a rate of one a day, as well as the odd current poem now and then. Thanks again for your comment.


  2. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Beautiful Jack… so touching. Jan is lucky to have a man like you in her life.


  3. Robin says:

    “I hang in the gallery of mankind” !!! Love it


  4. no end to light in the fall of shadow


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