night garden

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

monday monday just another blue moon

casting irony in luminous relief

a night garden that conceals and reveals

a topiary topography where the wild things dwell


under the banner of heaven’s gate there’s no exit to elsewhere to over there

over that highest hill

on the plane between here and there the beasts of the field return to their watering holes their communal fountains of need and greed


here the righteous and the willful alike drink to live to quench their thirst

to get here first and last the longest

settlements in the valley become cities on the plane all the ways and means we devise to survive crash and crumble one way or another


when the walls fall the menagerie runs wild become drawn conclusions

etched on cave walls testament to our methods and our focus

and all our sacred relics and revered dogma and cherished notions

are writ in the stuff of legend


some day soon and not for eons they remain open to interpretation

by succeeding generations of our contemptuous progeny


  1. Robin says:

    a topiary topography where the wild things dwell 🙂


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