life finds its way

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Uncategorized


   sunflower sprouts from cracked cement of a city sidewalk

 blade of grass knifes through parched porous earth

vulture hatchlings quiver in harsh fresh air lifting open mouths to the sky

 rogue tiger’s lonely roar evaporates like dew under the morning jungle sun

 lucky dog with no thoughts in his head nuzzles a wet bone

 wise monkey with no sense of self fondles his simian prick with contentment

 old woman back bent by troubles shuffles by a river of automobiles rushing in other directions

 weed tree grasping a patch of dirt stretches over broken cinder block wall

 mouse worries its way through the summer field toward an appointment with a circling hawk

life finds its way

the only way it can

without sentiment without help without thought without love without doubt without wisdom without guidance without courage without fear without maps without understanding without regret without awareness without malice without direction

life is its own justification

life affirms itself

with every sense with every breath

with taste with desire with sacrifice with joy with hunger with claws with love with care with birth with growth with blood with stealth with beauty with will

  1. hjakajohnleake says:

    the buzz pulls it off


  2. Herbert Toll says:

    NIce. Did our hawk activity up here in Paradise inspire?


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