Jack Be Nimble

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

A rare rainy Friday and fasting is required

the prescriptions and proscriptions I turn to

leave me weaker than before

            the cures that ail me.


Can’t catch a breath

            the deep one I need eludes me

            the comforts I crave allure me.


Soft percussive patter on the roof keeps the tempo easy

in its rhythm molecules dance with my lungs

my blood is nourished by the sea of air that sustains us

the hydrogen the oxygen coming together falling apart

            their motion feeding a fire at the center of everything.


A failure of vision accounts for the state I’m in

uneasy lies the crown less looms large inaction in action

            only by being still can I move on. 


Yet I start at every lucid thought

each appears in a burst of clarity

            crepuscular eyes lulled by twilight shadows squint 

            a temporary blindness a regressive reflex

            hobbles agility leaves me lame.


Jack be nimble!


Or be the inevitable thing you create with fear

the demons you summon from your ignorance  

snapping at your heels always one step ahead

waiting in a future you invented 

to overwhelm mediocrity and devour reticence.


            The damage done by others

                        the self-inflicted wounds

                                    they take their toll.


You hobble on

eventually you will stop

realizing the road never ends

the destination was always wherever you find yourself 

            the trip was the purpose.

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