Part of the Problem

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Full moon in Scorpio go with the flow is the only way to go

     Swaying enthralled succumbed to the tidal force within

     The pull pushes me toward the wrong direction


Wrong!? Other direction don’t you mean?

     Wave goodbye to judgment and certitude

     The point is movement the direction is moot

     Just get there wherever there is whatever you know?


It’s all random anyways what’s the use of anything everything sucks right?

Not for everybody sure some got it great fine for them let’s hear it


Things are different here stuff happens it can hurt you can get killed

     Stay on your toes be prepared you’re a Boy Scout in a strange wilderness

     Just remember if you break out of jail you don’t know what’s over the wall

     Your prison may be the only place you’re safe at home

     When they take off the chains you have to take care of yourself


                                OK, OK, I’m part of the problem already

                                Put down that stone and hear me out

  1. i’m good at listening, i’m awfully good at throwing stones


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