Midnight Lovers – A Baroque Fantasy

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Can’t speak with signs in the dark

only with silent embraces

and the rough murmurs of midnight lovers

under moonlight shadows.


Beneath a leafy canopy

flecked with starry staring eyes

that look the other way

the bright and piercing gaze

of an occasional passerby

promises quiet passion

within indifferent gentle arms.


Naked at the call of nature

wet white teeth flash starlight

revealed by a smile of urgency

then quickly disappear again

within the darker closing of unquestioned need.


Above and below

limbs stir hesitantly

tentative caresses grow strong and hard

slow strength giving quick pain

that does not last but reassures.


What is needed is taken.

What is offered is not lost

but shared only once.


Silver clouds slide along

the black sky’s soft underbelly

drifting where the earth blows them.


Another night

they will return

new shapes with ancient purpose

and willingly lose themselves

to the thirsty fertile land

where midnight lovers wander

and love grows wild.




  1. Bob Burkhardt says:

    Striking imagery. Wet white teeth. Intoxicating.


  2. let nothing get in the way of nature.


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