blue jazz friday night

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

blue jazz friday night

left eye twitching to the soft driving beat

air so still i feel its caress

my soul on a roll

come to a stop so the knots untangle


white smoke entwined in amber light bathes the room

flutes tickle my ear

birds of paradise singing sweet songs of repose


precise colors plucked like musical notes on a painted piano

dabs of current buzzing beneath the surface

keeps the mood humming


breathing with purpose

i stretch against my skin


a fluttering moth flitters by

staggering through the air with erratic purpose

trailing elegant chaos and blurry gray specs

bioluminescent baubles floating in ether

like motes drifting inside my eye


high humidity fattens the sticky air

slow fluid like a river of fog

keeps the melody flowing


breathing to the rhythm

i swim on through to you

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