A World Like Ours

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

I know we don’t reveal much of ourselves to one another.

We contact awkwardly with downcast glances and knowing laughter.

We reach silent agreements

unspoken contracts to honor our independence.

When we come together we share only our bodies

giving completely to satisfy the body appetites

fill in the empty places

for a time.

If we meet in the streets we touch formally

to verify the fact of our existence

in light of day.

Shyly we converse in current events

passing time between us

until we can go our separate ways again.

If I tried to speak to you

to reach through the invisible wall

I would say

I am here.

This is me.

And what we have is something after all

in a world like ours.

  1. Poet13 parades as numberless person
    in the context of the street stage
    conducting a simulcast exploring Zeitgeist
    in the conundrum of “a world like ours”


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